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Chip sits in the syringe tip
31. August 2009
[28.08.2009 06:59:21] *** completed interview. ***
[10:42:27] Remo M: PS: (Addendum of 28.08.2009)

In the syringe tip of the chip!

Yesterday, on 27.08.2009 I held in Baden near Vienna, my introductory lecture in the GNM. In attendance were my wife and about 40 listeners. During the final discussion, we came to the issue of swine flu to speak as a woman stood up and said the following:

A friend of hers working in a Viennese pharmaceutical companies. These have told her that in fact are in the swine flu Impfspritzen in the syringe tip of nano-particles, which is indeed visible to the naked eye can not see very well but reached already at 12-times magnification, which is easy with a child's microscope could. The employees at the pharmaceutical company had been declared, these nano-particles in the body will function like a hard drive in your computer and you could save so save all possible data and the future, the e-card. This measure was also intended to make an accurate census to enable and to protect the babies. One fact suspect that many mothers, their newborn, unnoticed by the authorities, just throw away ".

The lady at the paper further reported that she had worked herself in healthcare. They have consulted a lawyer who was with her as a patient, how to escape this could Chipung. This explained to her that he knew of this proposed Chipung, as indeed all knew from the higher social class about it. For this year, had planned to move without compulsory vaccination, and only through the press the people to voluntary vaccination. Chip would be too few, will be implemented next year, the mandatory vaccination. Except it would be certain groups such as police, medical personnel, politicians, etc. He knew as a lawyer for himself but also a way to escape this chip vaccination for the majority of the population but there is no escape.

Helmut Pilhar
[10:43:31] Remo M: Talks Hamer / Pilhar - In the Spritzenspize sits CHIP

Wednesday 26 August 2009

Hamer: Our worst fears were already within a few days by the reality exceeded significantly and cruel.

Pilhar: Geerd, do you think the punishment of dollars in 1000 and 30 days confinement in refusing the vaccination in the Americas (http://thebirdflupandemic.com/archives/1000-per-day-fine-and-30-days-in-jail-).

Hamer: Yes, the objectors (COs are state criminals death chip) does not occur in a normal prison, but in the prepared concentration camps (http://info.kopp-verlag.de/news/amerikanische-konzentrationslager-fertig-und-einsatzbereit.html ), which were prepared by 100s all over the country. And they only come out of these again, if one chip can. And no one is outside, you're fair game by the death of Chip. And these people will die after the concentration camp dismissed as pure chance like flies.

Pilhar: You mean that now the great nations of mass murder is set in motion.

Hamer: It can mean only that. I could not understand that it has such an effort with the military and police, with draconian punishments, etc., to allow people to participate in a ridiculous summer flu vaccination. That makes no sense. Quite apart from that there is such a vaccine can not exist. Is inoculated in October for next summer! This is actually to die laughing. ) By Tamiflu (antibiotics may be just 2-3 weeks healing phase to suppress symptoms. And even that is completely idiotic from the perspective of the GNM.

Pilhar: It is noteworthy that in America already 100.000de plastic coffins stockpiled lie (http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=39130476). Why? Besides, the population was systematically disarmed of weapons and dangerous dogs.

Hamer: It looks the best in the, what is ignored, what is the real intention. It should be discussed on the vaccination, but no one calls the chip implantation name. That's very strange. Because the chip vaccination is still that which is the face of this massive public action at hand. And that the Hitachi chip works and can also be combined with the death of Chip, which we have discussed in the previous interview.

You can see it in the GNM. For 28 years, could be discussed only on the non-person Hamer, but not about whether the GNM in the scientific sense, ie reproduction by the next-best case than can be properly recognized () despite the 30 public verification. So it is with Tamiflu? It will be debated for hours on the Tamiflu, but I lost not a single word about the chip. Of course, Tamiflu is harmful, it is a poison. It is also very dangerous in the healing phase or in vagotonic part of pregnancy (last 2 / 3). But the death of chip is now a whole new dimension. And that they will safely make use of this chip's death, apart from the fact that one has unconscionably taken with chemo and morphine use, with 98% mortality, although 98% were able to survive with the GNM. Skrupelloserweise all oncologists are well aware that the GNM is scientifically correct.

Pilhar: is also very strange that you have made in America of this enabling law, with which one can easily recognize now every critic of the way, thousands or millions. And if you have chipped the people once, then they can run away from a no longer so.

Hamer: They have obviously prepared for this chip battle in years. The idiotic pig carcass, which does not exist, was actually the inappropriate tool: three dead pigs and a child died from something, so we have constructed a global pandemic and zusammengelogen. But what a tightly organized propaganda press can do anything, we see now: you can make a mountain out of a molehill.

Pilhar has started: it lies with AIDS. Then came the lie of BSE. After the 11th Sept.-lie was a lie anthrax. Then came the Avian Influenza-lie. Now it is the Schweinegrippen-lie. Next year it will be Mäusegrippen lie. Everything comes to a head in a "final solution". If all men are chipped, then it is absolute slavery, then everyone is arbitrary and arbitrarily manipulated ermordbar.

Hamer: It now falls first on the babies and pregnant women. The process would be the first of the chip and Tamiflu. Many of the pregnant women in the last 2 / 3 of the pregnancy will be losing their child because Tamiflu is pure poison. But the women themselves may die trying, because they're in the last 2 / 3 of pregnancy and in the vagotonia. Is well known enough in the deep vagotonia a single morphine or Grippeimpf syringe to kill the man.

Meanwhile in America seems to be broken out of panic. You ask yourself, where you can still fly out of this world, where they will not necessarily be chipped with the death of Chip to get after another quiet hour in front of our enemies.

One must again recall the feeling, if you chip in to pay a death and must now count on every day so that one out of some central instance switched off from Tel Aviv will be easy. It is susceptible to the utterly defenseless. And it does not matter if you then laments: "Oh, I should know ... that is why it is important to the rulers that no one learns anything about it beforehand.

And if the slave then the death-Chip have in themselves, then they may as well know. Then they're like trained poodles. No one ventures a more defiant. It is then like the Freemasons. Everyone knows that he at first defiant champions of the Jewish lodges always gets his poison into the coffee and the next night will not survive. The whole world is then a single slave camp, except the members of certain religious community. Up to the death of implanted chip is then a personal "Enabling Act" to murder at any time.

How naive you must be if one demands that one should first times "put facts on the table by the Mossad," So tell where the Mossad and CIA, what they really intend. Previously, the mouse will not believe that the cat.

In a mehrhundertköpfigen company that manufactures the chip Grippeimpf syringes, or fills that meet one or two "reliable" people who use the end of the chip. Then all other employees of the company can confirm the best knowledge that they knew nothing about it. It is called something like "Final inspection" or "final" and that seems perfectly normal.

It is curious but also that each chip Grippeimpf syringe has a special code number, which is then added to the staff code number. Why else would have probably the most ridiculous "summer flu" Impfspritze each have its own number, and why should be comfortable with the vaccination of alleged passport while lying? And why do we want in America, no one who is not implanted chip, let her out of the country?

Pilhar: The "Club of Rome said in the 70s in his" Report on the situation of mankind "in spirit, it must either reduce the birth rate or increased mortality. The Max Planck Institute believes that it must be managed to reduce the world population to 2 billion. In America, the so-called "American Stonehenge" (http://www.igeawagu.com/news/corruption/1199237261.html) exists, one carved in 100-ton granite blocks Embassy, the world's population must be reduced to 500 million residents, to an "age of reason, get" too.

If the so-called "overpopulation" a closer look, one finds that apparently the state of Texas alone could feed the 6 billion people. This would be 6 billion people, with an average weight of, say, 80 kg or zusammenschlichten a volume of 80 liters on a cube in thought, would have a side length of the cube about 800 meters. Thus, a cube, we would be able to hide in Austria in the nearest valley.

I do not believe in the so-called "overpopulation"! I rather suspect that this globalization fanatics will not need 6 billion slave labor and reducing them so the human race on 1 / 10.

Hamer: Helmut, you were right in our last interview on 13.08.2009 when you said: If they have done so, then they did it. Therefore, the Germanic had to be suppressed, because against a well-known Germanic they had not done it. Lewwer duad üs Slaav! Rather be dead than slave! (from "Pidder Lüngen" by Detlef von Liliencron)

Long live the Germanic New Medicine ®, the New Medicine ® and belief of freedom and truth for us all!

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer